Investing with Us

Who We Are

Cedar River Capital is an active investment management firm focused on delivering solid performance and client solutions. We manage assets for sophisticated investors of size. Our core area of expertise is global equity where our seasoned investment professionals have built established histories, capabilities and experience. We embrace our capital markets culture, a culture that sets the day to day tone for our business and for much of the world in which we live.  

Detailed Company Research


We have a deep research-orientation with a belief in a fundamentals-based selection of individual securities, long and short, and with an emphasis on our background in larger capitalization names. We seek out misunderstood securities as a source of outperformance and look for the right combination of catalysts and valuation.   We are financial modelers with an appreciation for the wide variation across industries in how to realize value for investors.  

Broad Macro Analytics


We also have a top down macro-orientation with a proactive understanding of the role of global economic factors on long term portfolio construction. This means knowing when to be a contrarian and when to go with the flow, knowing when to aim for growth and when to seek out value, knowing when to diversify and when to focus. And knowing how to blend these elements of the investment ecosystem into sustainable outperformance