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Successful investors look for three attributes when assessing the merits of a potential equity investment - a reasonable valuation, a good story and a decent chart. But such judgments are all in the eye of the beholder. Our three white papers below address the complexities underlying such judgments. 

  • Myths & Misconceptions about the US Dollar: There is a widely misunderstood connection between the US dollar and stocks perceived as either value stocks or growth stocks. The US dollar also impacts many other factors - global value chains, Chinese GDP growth, medical research and even the 2016 Presidential election. 
  • The Dull Blade of Occam's Razor: Sometimes a good investment story is easy to understand and sometimes it is quite complicated. Yet all stories will be oversimplified in the headlines, rightly or wrongly. This paper examines the most common pitfalls to those relying on the Keep it Simple rule known as Occam's Razor. 
  • Channeling Monsieur Fourier: Stock charts alone are not very useful in predicting returns. Waveform analysis offers a tantalizing Rosetta Stone to isolate the dominant signals driving a stock, but can be impractical in the real world. Yet waveform analysis offers a powerful paradigm to categorize successful investors and to know when investors are deviating from their core competency. 

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